Addition Of Vitamin C To The Facial Skin Treatments

vitamins-to-boost-your-memoryIf you use Vitamin A, C and E enriched creams on a daily basis then you are probably all set to a healthy skin care routine. Do you use both, a cleanser and a moisturizer?

Make sure they contain UVA as well as UVB protectors. These ultraviolet rays from the sun, UVA and UVB, are extremely harmful for the skin and can cause skin cancer. You should ponder over the importance of these three vitamins for the skin care and try to stress the necessity of their usage.

Vitamin C and its importance

In a recent interview, a health news reporter mentioned the fact, that when you are examining the impact of the food nutrients on the skin and its aging, you will notice a definite difference. The people who have a high intake of Vitamin C on a regular basis through their diet show fewer wrinkles than the others. Therefore, skin aging and wrinkles tend to become less visible if you have led a healthy lifestyle and had a substantial intake of Vitamin C.


Eating food enriched in vitamin C can create a lot of benefits for the skin. This should relate to the fact that people have fewer wrinkles and the process of aging has been slowed down.

How do we explain this? After Vitamin C is absorbed in the body system, it presents a double action protection. It functions as an antioxidant, as well as fights the free radicals which are damaging for the skin. The vitamin C also boosts up the production of collagen, a vital factor to check aging & wrinkles.

One thing to note about vitamin C in the body is that, being a water soluble vitamin, it is easily lost through sweating, urination, etc. Therefore, you should ensure a daily intake of this vitamin through the diet, regular vitamin supplement tablets, as well as the facial care that you probably follow. This way, you will have a sufficient quota of vitamin C.

Applying a serum rich in vitamin C together with some other botanical ingredients, will definitely boost up the levels of vitamin C in your body.