Advantages And Side Effects Of Vascular Laser Treatment

advantages of vascular laser treatment

advantages of vascular laser treatmentMany of us suffer from various vascular diseases like hemangioma, talangeictasias, acne rosacea, broken blood capillaries or port wine stain birthmarks. Although some of them go away with time, but sometimes they don’t disappear.

And if they don’t disappear, they look very ugly and damage our personality. There are possibly no effective home remedies to get rid of such vascular diseases. So, if you are planning to get rid of your unwanted vascular diseases, then you may consult your doctor for vascular laser treatment. This method can prove to be effective for you, and will not give you any major side effects. But still, before trying this treatment, you should know what this treatment is all about, and what are its pros and cons.

What Is Vascular Laser Treatment?

Vascular laser treatment is a very effective treatment for treating various vascular diseases, like hemangioma, port wine stain, talangeictasias, broken capillaries and acne rosacea. Vascular diseases like hemangioma and acne rosacea can be quite dangerous.

Hemangioma is a tumor which occurs in infants, and goes away by the age of 10, but sometimes it can increase with age and can even affect eye sight and breathing. Hence, it is better to get rid of them, once and for all. In vascular laser treatment, light is used to destroy the unwanted blood vessels and capillaries of the skin. This treatment is absolutely safe if done properly, because the laser light selects only the problematic area, and does not affect the rest of the normal area.

Therefore, it does not have any major side effects like risk of skin cancer, associated with it. But while undergoing this treatment both the doctor and the patient should cover their eyes properly, to prevent any possible complications. Vascular laser therapy is more beneficial for people with fair skin tones. This is because the dark pigment of our skin, called melanin, is more close to the surface of the skin, than the blood capillaries.

This is the reason why you can notice blood capillaries in fair skin toned people, more than in darker skin toned people. And this dark pigment of the skin obstructs the laser light, and prevents it from reaching to the blood vessels. Vascular laser treatment may not be same for everybody. It depends on the type of the disease and the size of the affected area.

If you have problems of only broken vessels, then it can be easily treated in one or two sessions, while on the other hand, if you are suffering from diseases like hemangioma, or spider-veins, then your doctor may recommend you for more than one sessions of the vascular laser therapy.

Advantages Of Vascular Laser Treatment

Vascular laser treatment can help cure various vascular problems and diseases. For example, it can remove fine broken capillaries and hence the redness of the face and also thereby reduces flushing and burning of the face. It also helps to treat diseases like acne rosacea, and vascular lesions like hemangioma, spider angioma, unwanted capillaries, and venous lake.

Side-Effects Of Vascular Laser Treatment

1. Pain

Little bit of pain occurs during this treatment. When the light attacks the skin lesions and blood capillaries, you may feel a stinging sensation, like rubber band flicking.

2. Alteration In Skin Pigmentation

You may face alteration of skin color, only if you have dark skin tone. This problem may be temporary or permanent, and may lighten or even darken the skin tone of the treated area.

3. Burning And Scarring

Burning and thereby scarring of the skin may also occur sometime as a result of this treatment, although this happens in very rare cases.

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