Advantages of Short Hair Styles

short hair styles

short hair stylesLooking for an easy way to change your look? Try a short hair style. Short hair is often a time saver and easy to manage. It is also an easy way to update your look and take years off your face.

New Options for Short Hairstyles

The short styles of old that limited you to one or two styles are history. Now there is an abundance of styles available for short haired women. By using a little wax or mouse one can create a sassy, spiky look or soft curls. By using a gel and loosely running your fingers through your hair you can create a relaxed, slightly tousled look. Short hair will also allow you to create high fashion looks fast. So going from work to happy hour can be an easy and fun transition for your hair.

Short Hair is Easy to Maintain

Short hair is easy to manage. Washing is a breeze since there is so little hair to wash. Short hair is also effortless to dry. Certain short cuts can also make you look younger or thinner by emphasizing different angles of the face.

Short hair is appropriate for any hair texture. It does not matter whether your hair is thin, straight, curly, or thick. A short haircut can add options to usually unmanageable hair.

Have a Professional Cut Your Hair

Going to a professional will make your short style more functional and versatile. A stylist will cut the right layers and angles making the hair flow. He or she will be able to counsel you on ways to switch the style. A stylist can give ideas on pinning the hair up or give curling tips. He/She can also give advice on hair accessories that can be used such as bows and headbands.

Hair Liberation

Some women find it liberating not having to worry about their hair every day. By spending less time fussing with their hair, they have more time to dedicate to other things. More time to sleep in the morning or eat breakfast with the family. This feeling of liberation often seeps over into their personality leaving them more carefree.

Hair Will Grow Back

Best of all, hair always grows back. So cutting your hair will allow for transition time. You can continue to wear it short or let your hair grow out and test hairstyles as the length changes.