Advice For Smokey Effect Eye Makeup For A Sexy Look

Smokey Effect Eye MakeupOne of the great things about this effect is that you can achieve it in many colors. The most recommended shades are those that provide a smoke-like look and dramatic frame to your eyes such as dark colors.

Grey, black, brown, and mauve are amongst the favorites. You can also experiment this effect in greenish colors, although you need to be careful to keep shadings ethereal and chic.

If you have decided to go for this look, choose 3 colors in the same palette. For example, pick 3 different shades of grey colors. You can go ahead and try different colors, but be sure to have good color blending skills so you can achieve the desired effect.

Keep shadings ethereal and chicApply the lightest color first, starting from the eyelashes upward, towards the brow bone. Afterwards, pick the medium color and apply carefully over the eyelid: from the edge of the eye to the crease. Now apply the darkest color at the very end from the lashes to mid eye lid, in upward movements for max effect. Be sure that all colors blend without edging the separate shadings.

To ensure the best result in the Smokey Effect Eye Makeup, apply makeup under lower eyelashes to complete the dramatic look. Diffuse the color with fingers or a light brush to avoid excess makeup. Use a different shade of eyeliner on the lower eye-lid to keep the makeup natural. Wear two coats of mascara, preferably black, and you’re good to go!

Apply the lightest color firstThe popularity of this Makeup Effect has become trendy for nightwear thanks to personalities like Jennifer Lopez and Kate Hudson. They love this style!!

Smokey Effect Eye Makeup is often mistaken as Goth or an Emo trademark look. No, the difference between their extremely dark hue and the light and diffused style of the Smokey Effect: we go for a sexy look.

Practice your Smokey Effect Eye Makeup and be a master of this trend. It might take some time to get it perfectly, but once you get there it’ll be worth it and you’ll be able to do it in minutes!

Smokey Effect Eye Makeup