After the First Date

Once the date is over, several thoughts pace in your mind. “Did I do well?” or “Was it fine for me to tell him about my ex?”

So, what next? How to take things to the next level? Read below.

Thinking about Calling him?

There are no rules anymore and a girl can definitely give the guy a call unless she is being pushy and does not ask for another date. The trick is to call for some “reason”.  It is highly inappropriate for the girl to call after the first date and say, “ I just called…”. It sounds desperate.

Come up with some brighter idea. For example, if you know he is good with technical stuff, you can make an excuse that you wanted to buy a new camera or a laptop and were wondering if he could suggest a few products available in the market. If he is interested, he might as well offer to go with you for shopping.

But after this call, watch his attitude and response. He will make the next move if he is interested in you.

If you have to, send messages and write them briefly and clearly. Try not to send sentences that reflect a double meaning. Do not give out too much of information in a single message, unless asked for.

Writing small messages will raise his curiosity and it is a good way to start getting regular with messaging, and being in contact.

How to find if He is Interested?

If he is interested, he will call. He may ask you what you are doing the next weekend, or something similar. Men are equally insecure about hearing “no” so he may take his own good time before giving you hints that he likes you.

He will try to be in contact with you and will want to know more about you.

What to do if things do not turn out Well

If you did not have a date as it was expected then make it clear to the guy. If he is showing his admiration to you but you are not feeling any butterflies in your stomach then tell him politely that the feelings are not mutual.

…and, there is no harm in being friends.