Age Spots – Treatment Techniques For Removal

42-16477593What Are Age Spots?

Appearing just about anywhere on the body, these brown spots that are flat are commonly associated with advancing age.  Most people prefer to call them liver spots and the hands are the most common place they appear. 

The face is also subject to developing age spots as well as the neck area.  Although these are harmless their appearance does indicate problems of a more serious nature can be present.

The accumulation of a waste called lipofuscin does damage to the cells of the skin and the result is what is called age spots.  When they appear, it does indicate that the cells are filled with a waste which is at a slow rate destroying the cells of the body.  This does also include the cells of the brain and yes, the liver.  These brown spots are an indication that the body has toxins that are causing internal problems like the muscle of the heart or the retina of the eye.

What Creates age spots?

Lack of exercise, the liver functioning poorly, a bad diet, taking in oxidized oils for a length of time and smoking are commons causes.  Too much sun can damage the skin and in turn cause the age spots to increase.

There are a number of nutrients that, when they become deficient in the body, like vitamin E will cause age spots.  When a lot of alcohol is consumed, lipofuscin is formed. A study conducted on animals that were given alcohol for a long period proved that this affects the cells of the brain…

The Removal of Age Spots

The skin should be washed with pure olive oil with a warm washcloth.  Lemon juice combined with water should be used to rinse the oil. Another oil is Emu.  It is known to help to remove brown spots.

A potent antioxidant, Ginkgo biloba, is known to improve the flow of the bloodstream.

Things like red clover or Burdock and milk thistle will help with the bloodstream and act as a cleansing agent.  This helps remove the age spots.

Before retiring use pure lemon juice soaked cotton ball on the spots taking care to keep it from the eyes.  You will experience a slight tingling.  This is normal but it should only last a couple minutes.  If there are no problems after using this treatment, it should be repeated twice a day.

Eating lots of vegetable proteins like seeds, fresh grains, fruits, nuts and raw vegetables should help,  They must, however, be fresh.