All About Eyeshadow

Eye shadow has long been used as a cosmetic aid to improve or emphasize one’s appearance, not only by women but also by men.

Life-like pictures of pharaohs painted on their tombs show them as users of eye makeup and this is only natural. They were regarded as gods and as such they were supposedly immune to the passage of time. Today, eye shadow is still used to emphasize a woman’s eyes and give an idea of her soul.

Eye Shadow Ingredients
The primary ingredient of eye shadow is a metallic powder known as Mica. It is combined with certain oils in order to make it more stable and to give it a scent that ordinary Mica does not possess. The various colors of the different eye shadows are obtained by the inclusion in the formula of certain iron oxides.

Eye Shadow Use
Like lipstick, eye shadow can be of any color and still be a part of a conservative look. The main objective in using eye shadow is to emphasize certain physical characteristics. This of course precludes the over lavish application that would detract from the conservative, professional look.

Care in Usage
Whenever makeup is applied close to the eyes, you should be careful not to get any liquid or powder into the eyes themselves. If this happens, you should immediately wash the eyes. When using an applicator, you should be careful not to touch the tip of the sponge on the eyes themselves. A brush can also sprinkle powder into the eyes so you should carefully tap the brush before bringing it near the eyes.

Types of Eye Shadow
There are many types of eye shadow so you can take your pick of the ones that appeal you the most from the rainbow of colors available. You can even choose to use the brands that do not use animals in their testing procedures. There are also brands that are hypoallergenic and can be used by women of all skin types.

Effects of Eye Shadow
Eye shadow can be a boon to a woman’s physical appearance. The right color can emphasize the color of her eyes. If she desires to call attention to the depth of her eyes, she can use an eye shadow that can achieve this effect most efficiently. She can also deemphasize a feature that she does not feel comfortable with, such as the effects of a late night party.