All About Face Makeup

Most women think that the kind of makeup that produces the looks seen in fashion models, actresses or socialites are beyond their reach.

It is just a question of knowing what type of cosmetic to use and how to use it, so you should not be disheartened. One thing you can do is to know a bit more about makeup, its origins, uses and types.

Elements of Makeup

There are five basic elements that comprise face makeup. The first element is the primer. This is the cosmetic that will prepare your face, make it smooth and ready to receive the other elements that go into your makeup. The second element is the foundation. This is, as its name indicates, the base on which the rest of the elements work on.

Its purpose is to make the skin tone uniform. The third element is the concealer. This will disguise any blemishes that the foundation could not conceal. The fourth element is the powder that is used to absorb shine, and set the foundation and concealer. The fifth element is the blusher which will give the cheeks a touch of color.

Other Elements

There are three other types of cosmetics that are sometimes used to produce a specific effect. Bronzers are used to complement a specific skin tone, when the normal cosmetics cannot achieve the desired effect. Highlighters are used to accentuate specific areas of the face such as the cheekbones, while contourers emphasize specific parts of the face.

Origins of Cosmetics

Cosmetic use has a long history that goes back to the first civilizations. One element that has had wide use is Arsenic, used in Roman, Greek and Renaissance times as a foundation. The fact that arsenic is highly toxic has probably been the cause of many deaths since its use as a cosmetic. Today, new mineral-based cosmetics that are not as lethal as Arsenic or Lead are now occupying the attention of both producers and users of cosmetics.

Know Your Skin-Type

When buying or using cosmetics a primary requisite is to know your skin type. With this knowledge, you can buy the makeup to emphasize your good qualities or to conceal the things that you are not proud of. You would also come to know by trial and error, whether or not a specific type of cosmetic would suit you better. This knowledge would not only make you a better buyer, but would also make you look better.