All About False Eyelashes

False eyelashes have been in use for over a century. First invented as a prop for silent movie actresses, they are now worn by women everywhere as another aspect of their makeup.

The original intention of the inventors of false eyelashes was to give actresses a way of expressing their thoughts and feelings through gestures instead of words that would not be heard. Later on, when audio came to movies, the actresses continued to use false eyelashes because it improved their looks.

They Can Be Used Everywhere
False eyelashes can be made either out of human hair or from synthetic materials. They are worn on the natural eyelashes and can be considered an extension of these. A bit of adhesive is all that is needed to keep it in place for up to 8 hours. Since they are made to be used in all types of weather, they do not come off in rainy or other weather.

Worn by Everyone
Today, false eyelashes are worn by women as an accessory to their looks. No longer are they used only by actresses or by women in the entertainment industry. There are eyelashes for normal, everyday wear as well as for special occasions, for the office and for the beach.

Care of False Eyelashes
Since false eyelashes are an accessory for personal use, care should be taken to avoid contamination by bacteria or by inadequate handling. The same kind of care that is normally given to contact lenses should be dispensed to false eyelashes. They should be placed in their container when not in use and extra care should be used when putting on and removing them. If any of the adhesive used to attach them to the eyelids should get into the eyes, eyes should be washed immediately.

They Come in All Colors
False eyelashes come in all types of colors, sizes and styles. They can be long or short, look natural or decidedly false, emphasize the eyes or draw attention to themselves. There are even individual strands that can be attached to your natural eyelashes to make them fuller. For those who want to really stand out from the crowd there are eyelashes that contain little crystals that shine or minute specks of gold that glitter.