All About Gel Manicure

Gel ManicureA gel manicure is a type of nail fashion in which the trained manicurist uses some kind of gel to attach artificial finger nails to the natural ones. They are usually coloured and designed according to the wearer’s choice. They can be painted in any colour but most people choose colours to have natural looks.

These colours usually last for a few weeks. The gel usually has a light white colour that makes the nails look naturally beautiful. The nails do not chip. For removal, the person has to take the help of the professionals. This article will throw light on some more interesting details of gel manicure.

Gel Manicure For Beautiful Nails

The Process Of Gel Manicure

The person who wants a gel manicure has to get her nails cleaned, shaped, and polished. The cuticles are pushed back. A base coat is applied which helps the synthetic nails to stick to the natural ones. After that many coats of polish are applied to each of the nails.

Get Nails Cleaned

As soon as the nail painting is over, the person has to put her hands under a lamp for a few seconds or minutes that gives out ultra-violet rays to harden it. Finally, a clear top coat is applied to seal and protect the nails. These are the steps a person has to go through to get a gel manicure done.

Taking Care Of Gel Manicured Hands

A gel manicured hands need proper care. The natural nails continue to grow under the fake ones as we really cannot expect the natural nails to stop growing after this. So, the procedure of reshaping the synthetics nails, removing and repainting the colours and designs becomes necessary to give it a brighter and long-lasting effect. Some people just renew the colour while others refill the gel in place of the out-grown nails that are near to the cuticle. Depending upon the length and use; this usually lasts for about a month.

Removing Gel Manicure

For removal a person has to either file off the nails or soak them off with acetone nail polish. Some polishes are so designed that they soak off easily but sometimes the top coat has to scratch up so that the acetone reaches the coloured layers.

Cotton Balls

It is advisable to use acetone soaked cotton balls as directly soaking them in the liquid may damage the skin. Peeling off the nails may lead to tearing off the natural fingernails and hence should never be tried.

Benefits Of Gel Manicure

It gives a very natural look to your hand and also has long lasting effect. It has no bad smell and they do not need repolishing, lift or backfills. Its removal is also hassle-free if done properly. The polish also protects the nails from dust and moisture. As for disadvantages, a gel manicure being quite expensive is not easily affordable for everyone. They also have to be maintained in order to maintain the good looks.

Beautiful Nails

If they get attached to something, they can tear off the person’s natural nails which obviously would be very painful and can lead to infections. It is also said that the exposure to UV-rays increases the chances of skin cancer though the time and intensity of exposure is not enough to trigger the carcinogenic viruses. Application of sunscreen with zinc oxide or titanium dioxide is advisable. Also dark opaque glasses with holes cut off for the nails can also be worn.

Gel Manicure At Home

Once you have washed the hands with antibacterial soap and dried well, push down the cuticles with an orange stick gently. Then put artificial nail tips and apply thin strip of nail glue just at the bottom. Keep it pressed onto the top of your fingernail and do this for all the others. Use a nail buffer to make the surface smooth and brush off the dust from the nails.

Gel Manicure At Home

Now drop two drops of the thinned nail gel on the nails and hold the hands in a way that your palms face you. Now after a minute, put your hands under the nail processing lamp for few minutes. Then continue the painting and decorating process of the nails. So if you have that extra cash and an hour to spend in a parlour and want to look fashionable, gel manicure is the thing for you as you will come out beautiful glossy nails that would last for more than two weeks.