All Time Mane Mantras for Perfect Tresses

Mane care is very important as if not done, then no matter how classy look you possess but you will still end up looking ugly no matter what. There are many women in the world who do not have good hair and they damage them further by various things.

Now the worst part is that for any occasion that they have to visit they spend hundred’s of dollars on their make up and clothes but since nothing much can be done to their hair, they often end up looking bad and on top of that the feeling of not looking good makes their face go more pale.

If this is something that sometimes happens with you too to then you are reading the right thing as you will now get to know what all you can do to get healthy and strong hair from roots and how you can keep them maintained.

First very important thing is a good oil massage regularly. It does not matter what type of hair do you have but a hair massage is a must for all hair types. You can use either coconut oil or olive oil depending upon your taste and comforts. Both the oil improves the blood circulation and the roots of the hair get natural nourishment.

Oiling your hair an hour before washing works wonders and also conditions your hair.  Be as natural as you can. Avoid all types of chemical treatments like coloring, perming, ironing, rebounding, straightening, hair extensions etc as these not only damage your hair from the tips but also weaken the roots and this is why they start falling. And once the texture is damaged, it becomes very tough to get your hair back to a good condition.

If you some how plan to go for a temporary make over for your hair then it is advised that you go for a oil massage for an hour first and then go for the treatment. This is somehow reduce the effect of the harmful chemicals on your hair. In the end, do not brush your hair when they are wet and drink loads of water.