Aloe Vera Plant And Its Juice – Uses For Healing

aloe-veraThe healing qualities of the Aloe Vera plant are numerous. This plant is akin to the lily and looks like a cactus.  The healing properties of the Aloe Vera have been known for years.  In Latin the name means “true aloe” and is considered the most helpful and is therefore the most used variety.

Moisturizers have Aloe Vera as do gels used for burns, many lotions for the skin, cosmetics and creams that help to block the suns rays.

Not only is this a part of many products it is also ingested to help with individuals who suffer from problems with the intestinal track or the stomach.  It is even helpful when it comes to the treatment of hemorrhoids, as well as issues of the colon like constipation or even colitis.

The benefits of Aloe Vera is enriched with properties that can help with fighting inflammation, minerals like Zinc, Enzymes, Copper and more.  Several vitamins are also present in the Aloe Vera (E, A, B, C).

How the Aloe Vera is used for Healing

Individuals that suffer from peptic and duodenal ulcers, indigestion and over active stomach acid havee xperienced relief from irritable bowel syndrome have experienced relief when using the Aloe Vera.

When a diabetic suffers from a wound and from a skin burn the use of Aloe Vera helps the cells in the affected areas.

The most common use for the Aloe Vera is as a moisturizer and is widely used as an ingredient in moisturizing type products that will soften the skin.  In fact they account for about 95% of the worldwide manufacturing of these types of cosmetics.

When it comes to bring the level of the blood sugar into balance, Aloe Vera is proved to be helpful.  Taken twice a day by the tablespoon, and combined with a medication called glyburide the effects have proven to be a significant improvement in the control of blood sugar levels.

One of the first things most individuals reach for to soothe sunburn or just any kind of burn is the Aloe Vera.  It also helps itchy skin and is a very popular remedy.

Another use for the Aloe Vera is to fight bacteria because of the minerals and the many vitamins it contains.  It is also known to kill fungus and increases the process of healing.

This is a plant that can be grown at home, even as a potted kitchen plant.

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