Alzheimer’s disease

alzheimere28099s-diseaseWe all expect things to change as we grow older. Our bodies seem to start falling apart, our skin seems to wrinkle even after years of trying to take care of it and, of course, our mind starts to wonder off as if it had a mind of its own. Alzheimer’s disease starts out as seeming as though you have some short term memory loss but eventually, you will know no one or remember anything.

This disease is in the top ten of deadliest diseases and can eventually result in death. The disease does not discriminate on gender. However, women are more likely to get it than men because of a longer life span. And, it generally hits after the age of 65.

As the brain’s nerve cells get damaged, Alzheimer’s progressively gets worse. Scientists and doctors feel that this is a hereditary disease and also has to do with your way of life. Your health is a big factor, such as, if you have high blood pressure, diabetes and, believe it or not, your education can also play a role.

It is common knowledge that the most obvious sign of Alzheimer’s is memory loss; there are other things to take into consideration as well. You can have trouble doing everyday things, such as tying your shoes or brushing your hair. The speech becomes affected and mood swings come into play.

Your better judgment is no longer good.

When diagnosing this disease, the doctor will base their decision on several things. The history of the family is on the top of the list. There may be some scans involved along with some blood samples to rule out other conditions.

There are some medications on the market that can slow it down, but nothing has come about to prevent it or even cure it at this time. It is very important to seek the medical advice of the family doctor to get an early diagnosis. The quicker treatment it started, the longer the patient can go before the disease completely takes over their lives. There is hope, but nothing should be taken for granted.

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