Amazing Birthday Gifts For A Girlfriend

amazing birthday gifts for girlfriend

amazing birthday gifts for girlfriendBirthday is like an individual festival for a person and family and friends also celebrate it like a festival. Birthdays are meant to be memorable and this can be done by giving memorable gifts to your loved one.

Let us think, on a day of birthday we have cake, candles, balloons, sweets, food, birthday bumps but all these things get finished on the same day of our birthday, but gifts are the things which can remain with the person for a long time. So choose your gifts wisely, so that it becomes the reason for your loved ones to remember their past birthday and the happiness attached with it.

While selecting the birthday gifts for your girlfriend keep one thing in mind that, you touch their heart and mind. Your gifts should take out the best emotions out of them. Surprise them with your creativity and thoughtfulness, so that when they see your gifts, you see their face full of pure happiness.

If you will able to offer such a gift, you will find the strange change in their voice when they say “thank you” to you, & if you are lucky they even kiss you. Do not offer consumable gifts like chocolates, perfumes, bouquets and many more because these gifts will get finish after short time and so does your memories from their mind. Give the gifts which they will always love to cherish. Read the following list of different, amazing and creative birthday gifts for your girlfriend.

Amazing Birthday Gifts Ideas For A Girlfriend

1) A short video prepared from their photographs. Use nice quotes, tags and phrases on the slides of these photographs, have suitable background music for this video. These kinds of videos are prepared by using the software like Picasa, Moviemaker, Photostory.

2) Record their voices at different places, during your telephonic conversation without their knowledge, make a large collection of their recorded voices, arrange them in proper order according to date or occasions and then give this collection to them as a gift on their birthday; they will feel how much you care for them.

3) Contact the friends of your loved ones through social networking site Facebook, Orkut, Google+, request them that you are preparing a diary of testimonials for their friend, so please give you a short testimonial about their friend. After you collect these testimonials write all of them in single diary and then give this gift to your friend or family member for whom you prepared this gift.

4) Have their photograph printed on objects like mug, t-shirt, cushion, wall watch and then give the gift. Do not just give the normal mug or t-shirt.

5) Know what is the hobby of your friend and then by the magazine subscription for one year related to their hobby like sports magazine, business magazine, beauty magazine, cars magazine, philosophical magazine, this gift will make them remember you every month when they receive the copy of the magazine.

6) If you are giving a gold ring as a gift then make the arrangement such that your gold ring will be placed inside the cake and when they cut the cake and see a gold ring which is a gift from your side, they will be truly happy and whenever they will cut the cake in future this incident will remind them of you.

These are only few ideas; there can be hundreds of creative gifts which can be given to make their birthday very special in reality and in memories for the time to come.

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