Amazing Home Beauty Tips For Face

Amazing Home Beauty Tips For Face

Amazing Home Beauty Tips For FaceA catchy and attractive personality is desired by everyone. But is being beautiful a gift from heaven? The answer is certainly no. Hence, the daily trips to the parlors would begin. Are you not tired of spending your hard earned money on something that you can attain free of cost- well, almost.

Yes, you read it correctly. You can still look good and that too with the items you can get from your home, and would not have to spend a single dime on your parlor routines.

Know Your Skin

This is the first and foremost thing in moving towards improving your good looks. Knowing yourself refers to the skin type, tone and the characteristics of your skin.

Your skin may be normal, dry, oily or sensitive. Take a simple test to know your skin type. Once you are up from your bed, press your palm to your cheek with a little force. If you find it a little difficult to separate them, in other words if your skin is sticky, then it means you have an oily skin type.

Dry skin looks bright and taught. After washing your face with soap you will feel tight in your face. Normal skin looks soft and supple. It does not need too much care. Sensitive skin reddens easily and most of the beauty products don’t suit it. Depending on your skin type, try the following marvellous beauty tips from home.

Top Beauty Tips From Home

Facial Bleach

Here is a tip for giving your skin a good bleach at home. As you know bleaching involves a strong cleaning of your skin with little dozes of bleaching powder and hydrogen peroxide. There are natural bleaching agents around your home.

Amazing Home Beauty Tips For Face

Anything that you know to have a little acid content can behave as a good bleach, such as curd(lactic acid), lemon(citric acid), orange peel pulp and whatnot! So, take any one of these items and apply their juice on your skin and see the difference. Different skin types should be treated differently:

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Regular Skin Treatment

If you have a normal skin, mix sandalwood paste, rose water and a few drops of lemon to make your own home made bleach. You can also use turmeric powder instead of sandalwood paste. But be careful, in some sensitive skin types turmeric can cause irritation in skin.

Oily/ Dry Skin Treatment

For an oily skin use curd and gram flour. The gram flour makes the mixture sticky enough to settle on your face and also absorbs oil from your skin. For dry skin honey and almond oil drops can make a nourishing bleach. After bleaching, steam your face on a hot water bath and wipe dry.

Substitute Your Make Up Kit

A clean skin could be the best platform for any of your make up. Cleanser plays the vital part in our make-up kit, don’t they? Milk can also do the job in the best manner for you. But make sure it is not too hot or too cold.

Skin And Hair Care

Searching for good nourishing agent? A carrot or beetroot peels can brighten your face and give a pleasing tone for your skin. Egg white can serve the purpose of hair conditioner. Apply on your hair and wash thoroughly. Coriander leaves and rose water mixture can give a natural rosy lips.

So, What are you waiting for? Try these beauty tips using what you can get from home and dazzle with a parlor effect!