Amazing Short Curly Hairstyles For 2013

If you are blessed with curly hair then you are lucky! With good care and the right amount of styling you can look smart and beautiful in your curly hair. You can cut your curly hair into short length and try some interesting hairstyles which will bring about a new wave of change in your overall appearance.

These short curly hairstyles are easy to maintain and style while making you look good in it. Make sure you make braids when the hair is damp as it will offer a smooth look to it.

Types Of Short Curly Hairstyles For Women

French Braid Fringed Short Curly Hairstyles

To damp hair, apply curl enhancing product to give good volume to your curly locks. Create a side part of about 3 inched deep and divide the hair. Make braids close to your forehead beginning with side part by crossing it over to the other side.

French Braid Fringed Short Curly Hairstyles

Make it into neat braid and secure with a binder. With Bobby pins, secure the braid under the hair at the back and behind the ear. Now finish off with a medium hold spray.

Short Curly Hairstyles With Side Swept Bangs And Layers

To your damp hair, add a bit of styling products and blow dry with the help of a brush. Use small hot rollers for the hairs on the back and use a large curling iron on the front of big waves.

Short Curly Hairstyles With Side Swept Bangs And Layers

Now use fingers to pull them and soften the strands soon after the rollers have cooled down. Now finish off with a firm hold spray. The dramatic highlights offer a dimensional look to this hairstyle.

Beachy Curled Look With Side Parted And Layers

This hairstyle is a perfect choice if you want a new look to school or office. Apply styling gel to damp hair and blow dry your hair while using a curling iron.

Beachy Curled Look With Side Parted And Layers

Then apply some pomade to define the hair ends and finish off with a holding spray. This hairstyle can suit oval, round, square and heart face shapes and can be styled easily on all hair types from fine to thick hair.

Feminine Punk Inspired Short Curly Hairstyles

This hairstyle aims at rich texture and is softer than the usual punk hairstyles. If you have oval, square or subtly round face shapes then this hairstyle is for you. It can be styled on all hair types.

Feminine Punk Inspired Short Curly Hairstyles

To towel dried damp hair, apply styling gel and sculpt it. With the help of a blow dryer and using a paddle brush, smooth down the bangs. Now finish the hairstyle using flat irons as soon as your hair becomes dry.

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Retro Super Curly Hairstyle

Weave the nostalgic magic of the 80s era with these short curly hairstyles. Add styling products to your hair that is dried well using a towel. Now blow dry using a big brush to create layers at the top.

Retro Super Curly Hairstyle

Create small curls at the sides and at the back. Then use it on the top layer’s hair ends. Then break the curls by running your fingers through it to add volume. Finish off with a holding spray.