An Introduction to Fake Nails

Fashion is one area which keeps changing. What was not a fashion yesterday could be a fashion today. Earlier, women applied polish to their nails to enhance their overall beauty.

The nail polish was applied on their natural nails. Now, this nail polish is slowly giving way to artificial nails.

Advantages of Artificial Nails:

Some times the nails may not have grown in perfect order or they might have chipped off a little. In such cases Artificial Nails will be of much help. The artificial nails which are available in various designs will perfectly align to the dress and the body. It will also prevent damage to the nails.

There are different types of nails:

Acrylic Nails:

Nails made of Acrylic are the most commonly used artificial nails. They are available in many colors. They can be grown to any length, but they should be filled as the nail grows. Acrylic nails are strong and durable. Before using the Acrylic Nail, the person should understand the technique of applying the acrylic on the nail. He/she must also understand the method of removing it. One must learn the technique from a professional manicurist.

Solar Nail:

This is similar to Acrylic Nail in application and use. The only difference is that it is made with white or pink product so that it gives a natural color to the nails.

Gel Nail:

This artificial nail presents a more natural look. But the drawback is that it does not last long. At the same time it is very difficult to remove this artificial nail. The best way to remove the gel is to allow the nail to grow and then it can be removed by cutting from the bottom of the nail.

Wrap nail:

This is yet another artificial nail but this has more flexibility. The components that go into the Wrap nail are silk, fiberglass, paper and linen. These are cut to the size of the nail and glued together and then it is again glued to the natural nail. This combination is strong and presents a more natural look. It can be removed much easily than other forms of artificial nails.

In caring for the health of the nails, massage of Rose Hip Oil is of great benefit. This oil is rich in vitamin ‘C’ and it increases the blood circulation to the nails. As a result, the nails grow and become strong also.