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Anastasia EyebrowEyebrows frame the eyes that frame the face. So says eyebrow guru of the stars Anastasia Soare. She is the only person a large, loyal number of celebrities trust with their eyebrows during awards season.

Anastasia has built her well-deserved reputation over several years. In fact, if you’ve looked at top publications like Vogue, InStyle, Allure, Town & Country, W and Elle, you’ve already admired her work. Her reputation for artful tweezing is so well known that even once reluctant men line up to have her work her wizardry on their uni-brows!

The charm and warmth of her Beverly Hills salon is almost as popular as the skill and precision she and her three expert brow artists employ when they work their shaping, waxing, tweezing, and dyeing magic. The difference an Anastasia eyebrow makes is something you truly have to behold to believe!

Anastasia’s Steps To Beautiful Eyebrows

Prepare your skin for tweezing. The lightweight, gel formula of Pre-Tweez gel includes aloe vera, chamomile, and peppermint oils to cool your skin.

Prepare your skin for tweezingGive your eyebrows the arch and shape you desire using one of the classic stencils. A natural arch will enhance all your features, Anastasia says. Fill in the stencil with a brow pencil. Any hairs outside the stenciled area should be tweezed away.

Using one of the classic stencilsAfter tweezing cream soothes redness or irritation.

After tweezing cream soothes redness

Use a Shimmer or Matte pencil for highlights. Your eye will look more open when you gently smooth and blend the pencil into your brow line.

Use a Shimmer or Matte pencil for highlightsApply Anastasia Brow Gel to condition your brows and help them hold their new, beautiful shape.

Apply Anastasia Brow Gel to condition your browsAnastasia Shares Her Secrets

Keeping The Look

“Tweezing is best for maintenance,” Anastasia says. “Never wax your own brows. You can easily remove too much.”

Tweezing1Color Code

Anastasia says to choose a powder or pencil that is one shade lighter than your natural brow color, unless you are a blonde. Then try one shade darker for best results.

choose a powder or pencil that is one shade lighterFast Track 

Over-plucked brows a problem? Make-up artist Damone speeds growth by using a cotton swab to apply Rogaine to the sparse areas. Anastasia recommends a small bit of castor oil for the same effect.

using a cotton swab to apply Rogaine to the sparse areasWide-Eyed 

You can make your eyes look larger, Anastasia says, by carefully removing a few hairs from plucking a few hairs in from the inner corner of the eye.

removing a few hairs from plucking a few hairsAnastasia Beverly Hills

Anastasia recently introduced her own cosmetic line, named after her famous Beverly Hills salon. An extensive palette of products for the eyes is complemented by a full range of color products including lip liners, lipsticks and foundations. Old Hollywood glamor and pampering can be yours when you use Anastasia Beverly Hills products.

Anastasia Beverly Hills

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