Anti – Wrinkle Remedies – Natural or Artificial way

Wrinkle Remedies

Wrinkle RemediesAging is natural phenomenon which cannot be stopped, though signs of aging can be reduced by the use of effective wrinkle remedies known today. But none of remedies ensure permanent treatment or removal of wrinkles.

There are various remedies available from natural extracts to synthetic chemical compounds.

You have to be extra careful while selecting the anti wrinkle procedure / products available in market. Important question to ask yourself is  – How far will you go, spending money to bearing side effects of various treatments and procedures, choice lies completely with you.

Natural remedies

It includes mainly a healthy living style supported by healthy eating habits such as inclusion of various fruits to enrich you with vitamins and minerals, drinking of lots of water to hydrate the skin and prevent aging natural way. Combination of healthy lifestyle with effective natural products will lead to faster and satisfying results.

It is crucial to understand that since products containing natural ingredients have shorter shelf life in comparison to chemical or synthetic chemical compounds. Because of this drop back effect of natural products won’t be able to stay for longer time.

Artificial or Synthetic remedies or procedures

Synthetic remedies for wrinkle removing range from expensive treatments such as plastic surgery, filler treatment, laser removal; chemical peel or botox to affordable options such as anti wrinkle creams and exfoliate products. Mostly the expensive treatments come along with package of side effects.

Botox has been used to minimize wrinkles for last few decades. It works by paralyzing facial muscles, especially on the forehead and around the eyes, making skin look firmer. Chemical peels can rip off deeper layers and provide deeper cleansing hence leaving softer skin than exfoliate scrubs.

These chemicals are extremely harsh on skin and side effects may last for few days. Laser resurfacing treatments work the same way peels do—removing the top layers of skin. Many medical professional also prefer to use ‘fillers’ to remove fine lines above the upper lip, wrinkles around the cheeks and chin and smooth them out.

To some extent you may make your skin look supple and soft with the use of exfoliate substances which works by removing the top dead skin layer. Exfoliate scrubs available in market are cheap and affordable in comparison to chemical peel available in the market.

Interestingly, expensive treatments do not guarantee permanent solution to wrinkles.