Applying Blush

Nothing can bring a dull, low face to life faster than a sweep of blush. It gives your complexion a perfect look. It is applied after applying the foundation,eye makeup, and lipstick. It is always the last makeup.

Applying blush

How To Apply Blush:-
1- Choose the color according to the complexion of you cheek.
2- Check the shape of your cheeks so that you can decide where to apply the blush.
3- Remember, it is the last makeup. Finish off the application of foundation, lipstick, and eye makeup before you apply blush.
4- Tap off the excess blush on the brush before you apply.
5- Follow the line of your cheek bone up from the apple of your cheek to the hairline. Remember to keep the color light and blended.

How to apply blush
Tips For Applying blush: to have a sun tanned look, apply a bit of bronze blush on your forehead, chin, and nose. Remember to blend it well.
1-    Never mix the blusher with any creams.
2-    Never apply blusher on the nose.
3-    Use peach shades on pale skin while dull pinks on dark skin.
4-    Chose a color which goes with your lipstick. Try colors of the same shade or little bit lighter then your lipstick.
5-    Never apply loads of it or else your makeup will look like a mask.
6-    Apply a bit of shimmer blusher on the highest point of you cheekbone near your eyes to create a different look.
Make sure you blend your makeup near the jaw line and the hairline to make it look natural.
Powder blusher: it is applied after the application of foundation and face powder. Just dip the brush in the powder blusher, tap off the excess blush from the brush, and with the stroke of your wrist apply the powder blush over your cheek.

Cream blusher: – this is applied using the finger tips, after the application of foundation, but before the face powder. Just apply a few drops on your cheeks and blend well towards the cheekbone.
When applying the blusher always make sure to choose colors that go well with your complexion and match up the rest of your makeup.

shimmer blusher