Applying Eyeshadow

apply-eye-shadowEyeshadow is an important part of makeup. But it is not very simple to just apply the eyeshadow and be done with it. However, it is not very tough to master the art of applying eyeshadow.

By learning how to present your eyes in a beautiful frame created by eye shadow, you can have a mesmerizing look. If you practice enough, you can learn the art of applying it and it would work excellent for your eyes and for your face.

Remember that what works for one face does not necessarily work for the other. So you must be ready to experiment with many styles, so that you can develop your own style of applying eyeshadow. Here is how you can do that.

The main aim of using eyeshadow is to bring out your real eye color. When you choose colors, you should match your eye color with the eyeshadow that you are buying or buy a contrast shade. However, it takes a little more to manage the contrastive color.

You need three colors for your eyes. One is the base, the second is the highlighter and the third is the main color. You would be able to make a good impact by starting with a light color and then going upwards using a darker shade.

You need to remove all layering by blending the colors efficiently. You should use the three colors with a great harmonious effect. Blended colors would give you a very attractive and a very solid look.

Your wrinkles can be hidden if you do not go for a shimmery look. It does look good, but it is not for those who are trying to camouflage wrinkles.

Eye shadow should not over emphasize. If you are using darker makeup otherwise, then your eyeshadow can afford to stay under stated. A darker lipstick for example, does not go with a dark eyeshadow.

White color can provide you a luminous look for your eyes. When you apply eyeshadow, use it before you apply mascara. Otherwise mascara would leave a patchy effect, instead of the nicely finished look that it should give your eyes.

After applying makeup on your eyes, you can apply your concealer. When you are doing your makeup, you should use your shadow as a top priority. It directs the rest of the makeup theme.

You can experiment with creating effects with your eye shadow brushes. You can distribute color better if you use a slanted brush. If you use moistened sponge tips, you can make sure that the color stays on your eye lids for a longer time than a dry eye shadow.

You would enjoy experimenting with unconventional colors, once you learn the art of applying your eye shadow. You would then be able to mix and match your preferred colors for your eyes.