Are moisturizers beneficial?

Are moisturizers beneficial?

Are moisturizers beneficial?Our skin is a unique organ. To keep the skin healthy, blemish, swelling and wrinkle free, one needs to take good care of the skin. This skin care routine includes cleansing, exfoliating toning and moisturizing.

Our skin does contain a certain amount of moisture. But when we wash it or use a cleanser, part of that moisture is washed out. Other than that, dry skin lacks the natural moisture that is needed to keep the skin healthy and hydrated. So one way or the other, you need the help of a good moisturizer.

The common belief is that moisturizer is only needed for dry skin. Well dry skin does need the help of moisturizer more than any other skin type, but moisturizer is beneficial for any skin type, be it oily, sensitive or normal. But remember, moisturizers do not add moisture to the skin, but gives the skin a soft and smooth texture.

The two most important ingredients used in a moisturizer are oil and water. Some of the products may say that it does not contain any oil, yet they will have some amount of oil in it. But the amount of oil is very little and that is not considered harmful for the skin.

When you are about to purchase a moisturizer there are certain things you have to keep in mind. First of all, the moisturizer has to have the ability to prevent dryness. But at the same time, make sure it does not block the pores, because that will result in acne. Third is to see if the moisturizer causes any kind of skin irritation.

Some of the moisturizers are two in one — they add moisture to the skin as well as anti aging cream. Some of them contain important enzymes that can rejuvenate the skin and make marks of age less visible. This means there are less wrinkles and more vibrant skin.

Another point you should keep in mind while purchasing moisturizer is your skin type. Not all moisturizers are suitable for all skin types.