Are retinoids the answer to aging?

retinoidsPrevention is better than cure is a phrase known all over. It is implemented for all diseases and dangers. It is a key for avoiding excessive aging of skin as well. Here we are going to talk about aging of skin and ways to prevent as well as cure it.

Photo aging is the damage which is caused to the skin by the sun. The best way to fight photo aging is to protect yourself. The best method to protect oneself from the sun is the use of sunscreen. It is the best weapon to protect you with.

If your skin is already damaged by the sun, then there are some alternatives for you. Topical Retinoids are a popular and effective treatment for post damaged skin. But remember that topical retinoids are not recommended for everyone. If Topical retinoid benefits in the improvement of skin photo aging, it can also do the reverse by abnormal skin growth as well. Topical retinoids can create difficulty for patients who have very sensitive skin. If you have the problem of rosacea, which includes redness on the face, small blood vessels and occasional inflammatory papules, then you must not use topical retinoids at all. Topical vitamin C may benefit you instead, as excessive skin aging can be fought with its help.

How retinoids work? :-
These are chemical molecules that are derived from vitamin A. there are both ointments and oral, and can be used to treat problems like psoriasis or acnes. It works by combining with specific receptors which then interact with DNA. This process produces new molecules which result in skin improvement. Tretinoin, tazarotene and adapalene are the most common topical skin retinoids. Tretinoin and tazarotene are most commonly used for treating photo aging.

A mild degree of skin irritation is experienced which diminishes with ongoing use. People who have more sensitive skin should use it less often and increase the frequency of use as tolerated.

Short and long term effects:-

Short term effect include: – improvement in the wrinkles, skin glow and improvement in the texture of the skin.

Long term effects of tretinoin use include improvement in skin texture and fine lines, pigmentary abnormalities and firmness of the skin. It also reverses early skin cancer changes. These improvements are maintained even if the frequency of use is decreased than before.