Ask him out without letting him know

askhimgooutO please! Don`t tell me its cliché. Today, it’s looked upon as a very cute thing to do. Didn`t you know that. Well, keeping the standard norms as –standard, we will just show you how to ask that “so cute” guy out, in style without him knowing whats on your mind!

Men, no matter what they say, simply love to be loved.They like to be the centre of attention by women as much as we women do.

But once thing they can`t do is say “no” to a girl. If he does, he wasn`t even worth looking at. I hope you have your heart floating for gentlemen. At least that’s what I am assuming here.

Be graceful, no matter what. You know you have a bad temper. You know you seek relief in bursting on you employees. But you’re newly found man doesn’t know that.

First thing, he need not know that, too soon. When you have grasped him, he may only pamper your traits. (You know  what I mean, wink). Do not ignore him, neither seem obvious to land on his lap. This will arise his curiosity. The moment we had been waiting for!

If he is a co-worker in office, you may simply make up something like,”O! We would have to go on a lunch with client” and take him along by saying “two would be better “.

When client does not arrive (obviously) assume that let two of you only have lunch.

This way you will have time to know about him over the lunch, his eating habits, etc. But what you would be looking forward is “who pays the bill?”

Some men have a shivery . They will accept a women for what they are-their equal. But when it comes to paying the bill, they stand upfront. Check if you have laid eyes on such a jewel. Now, you may ask, what if he is a stranger. Well, keep in touch for the next article.