2 Top Tips To Use Astringent Lotion

You may be asking yourself what the purpose of an astringent lotion is. This product is actually used to check your skin. It looks for stickiness since oils will clog up your.pores. An astringent lotion will open up your pores which makes it easier to clean your face.

Astringent Lotion

A good lotion’s main ingredients are alum, glycerin and water. There are many different product lines that are on the market but a few of the more popular ones are by max-factor, lakme and gala. You can actually make your own. Some people find this to be a better alternative to purchasing a product from the store.

One great way to make you own is to use 2 tsp of the following: honey, nutmeg and coriander seed. You also want to add 4 tsp of grated lemon peel and orange flower water. Use 1 tsp of cloves, 8 tsp of alcohol and ½ tsp of benzoin with just a touch of storax and rose water. To make the lotion, you simply mix all of the ingredients together well. It will last up to 48 hours in a large bottle. Your face will smell nice and feel great.


Another great recipe for a homemade astringent  . For this recipe you will only need 2 tbls of rosemary powder and lemon peels, 1 tbls of orange peels, ½ tsp of sodium benzoate, ¼ brandy, approx 30 mint leaves and last 1 cup of rose water. There are a few steps to this one. You will need to soak the lemon and orange peels with the mint leaves in rose water that is boiling for 1 half hour. You then want to add in the other ingredients to make the lotion. This astringent can actually be kept in the fridge for some time.

Either one of these homemade recipes will make your face feel wonderful. The lotions are smooth and silky and your skin will feel the same way. So what are you waiting for? You probably have most of the ingredients in your kitchen now.

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