Astringents-for a clean And beautiful skin

astringents-skinOf all the skin types, oily skin attracts dirt like a magnet. Everyday when you go out, your skin is exposed to dirt, toxic and pollution. If the skin is oily then more dirt compiles on the skin. Apart form that, the face looks pale and is always greasy. No matter how much cosmetics you apply, it is difficult the hide the excess oil.

One easy solution to this problem is to wash the face with a good face wash frequently. That will remove the oil, but at the same time that will also remove the natural moisture of the skin, leaving the pores open and the skin dry. So the easy solution is certainly not the best solution.

Here is when astringents come in handy. Astringents are basically lotions that are specially made to tone the skin and close the pores so that the skin does not get oily. This lotion can be used on all over the face or on the particular areas that are more oily. Astringents are also applicable on blemishes and acne as well.

Many astringents are available on the market. I would suggest going for a good brand. Do not purchase an astringent that is too strong, as they contain alcohol and they also tend to over dry the skin. Go for something mild. And do check the label for the ingredients and see if you are allergic to any of the components. The best ones are those made of natural components. They are free of chemicals and have zero side effects.

Just in case if you are skeptical about the natural astringents available in the market, you can always prepare your own natural homemade astringent at home. They are easy to make and you will be sure that they are 100% natural.

You can use either lime or cucumber juice as your astringent. You can also wash your face with a mixture of equal amounts of water and vinegar.

Remember, astringents are only for oily skin. Those with dry and normal skin should avoid using this.

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