Attractive Lipstick Shades for Summer

lipstisk shadesHaving a good pair of lips simply enhances the beauty of a person particularly of women. Hence, taking care of them and highlighting this part of the face is one of the top priorities  for any woman. Some women are extremely fascinated by the idea of makeup and hence lipsticks and lip glosses seem to be one of the main items you may come across in a lady’s make up kit .

Lipsticks come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Right from local to branded, the market out there is full of different shades of lipsticks. Some leading lipstick brands include Revlon, Maybelline, Lakme, L’oreal Paris and so on.

The right choice is  made keeping in mind the complexion, the brand and the  taste of the person. The collection of  lipsticks changes from season to season. Your lips need that special attention especially during the summer months when the temperatures are soaring high. Some bright and  bold   lip colours  are the best to add to your summery look.  A  touch of the right shade to the lips makes a woman feel and look more attractive.

Top 5 Lipstick Shades for the Summer Season

Coral Shades

The coral shades are a mix of orange and pink or red and orange. A great  shade to wear on a nice and bright summer afternoon. Such colours simply look amazing on medium/dark skinned girls.

coral shades

Check out the coral collection from amongst your favorite brands and you are all set to glow.

Beauty Tip: Keep in mind to keep your other make up minimal while wearing any of the coral shades.

Shocking  Pink

This colour is surely a girls colour. Once worn this colour can brighten up the complexion in a second, just making the person look extremely beautiful. The uniqueness of this shade lies in the fact that it suits all skin tones.

Tip: Wear a nice summer dress or some matching jewellery to go with this bright shade. Indeed! you will be the centre of attraction wherever you go.

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Tempting Purple

This amazing shade is a night friendly shade. Wear this colour to a night out with the girls either to a disc or a party.

puple shade

Surely you will be catching everyone’s  attention. This shade is meant for ladies of medium to dark skin tones.

Hot Red

This colour is one of the most common colours and tops as the all time favorite throughout any season. A gorgeous shade particularly for  fair skinned women, a colour to try out for a day or a night event. Women of a darker skin tone can try a  more warm and  subtle red to compliment their look.

Tip: The bold red lipstick paired with a nice short sleeve top and stylish aviators truly make for a good casual day look.

Gentle Peach

For those women out there who are crazy about lipsticks but prefer the simpler and gentler shades, the peach  colour may be a fantastic option. This shade is one shade which can be used for regular use even to office.

peach shade

The peach shade is meant specifically for lighter or medium skin toned women. This colour combined with a pair of jeans and top will complete your look.

So women, what are you waiting for?  Set out to your cosmetic shop now and buy one of these best lipstick shades. These colours are well suited for women with thin or thick lips.