Attractive Short Wedge Haircuts

Wedge haircuts are classic short haircuts that have evolved over the years. In earlier days they were just short bowl-shaped haircuts while today they have taken a more contemporary look. With wedge haircuts, the hair at one’s nape is cut really short.

The ends of a wedge cut are always angled, unlike a bob cut, hence creating bouncy movement. There are a number of wedge haircuts that one can get, but it is a challenge to decide the perfect one. So we thought of compiling the 4 most popular short wedge haircuts to help you choose one for yourself.

Stylish Short Wedge Haircuts

Short-Angled Wedge 

This wedge haircut is generally topped with lots of layers to create an edgy cut. Ask your stylist to cut the hair, close to the head and at the nape, very short. The layers get longer as you proceed towards the top of the head at the crown.

Wedge Hairstyle

The hair is very short at the back and longer on top of the crown. You may or may not decide to go in for a bang with this one. But if you do, make sure you go super short on those bangs. This will draw attention to your upper face. Appropriate for people with slightly wavy hair, you may accessorise this haircut with a hair band and coloured clips.

Pixie Wedge Cut 

Ideal for people with oval or oblong faces, this haircut is best suited for medium to thick hair. The hair at the nape of the neck is cut very short. The crown area is given some height by adding more mid-length layers.

Pixie Wedge Cut

You may style this haircut with thick bang which can be worn either simply or can be swept sideways to add more drama to your look. This wedge haircut looks uber cool with or without any accessory. If you find your bangs bothering you, secure them sideways using a barrette or clips.

Classic Wedge 

A classic wedge is the most common wedge haircut and popular too. Just like other wedge haircuts, here too, the hair at the back are cut very short. The sides and the top of the head have longer layers. Then a razor is used to add dimension and height at the top of the head.

Classic Wedge

One may decide to actually use gel to get a spiky wedge haircut look or simply decide to comb hair in a zig zag pattern to achieve a soft look. A short bang in the front may just about do the trick of adding a modern touch to it.

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Round Wedge 

This wedge cut can frame your face perfectly. It looks cute, sweet and yet chic. You first need to get your front layers long, going up to your chin on one side. While the layers at the back, at the nape of the neck, should be short, really short.

Round Wedge

This helps create an inverted look, making for a rounder appearance. You may add highlights to your hair to give it a different look. This wedge haircut always makes for a soft looking haircut and is ideal for people with small face and straight hair.