Attractive Shoulder Length Haircuts

Neither too short nor too long, shoulder-length haircuts have always been a favourite amongst women of all ages. Easy on maintenance, high on style; these are the two basic reasons for shoulder-length haircuts such popularity. Apart from these, there is a huge list of varieties from which people can choose their style.

You may decide to tie it into a pony tail, or decide to leave them open or half clipped, but you would still manage them well and grab some attention. We thought of giving you this guide to help you know the 4 most attractive shoulder length haircuts.

Stylish Shoulder Length Haircuts 

Wavy Textured Layers 

Shoulder length tresses adorn your neckline beautifully. One can easily opt for wavy layers and get some texture by adding few choppy fringes to the front. This haircut can be worn with open hair or half clipped and is ideal for people with wavy hair and long face.

Wavy Textured Layers

Smokey eyes look great when teamed up with this haircut. It is really easy to maintain this haircut because you do not really have to worry much about the styling.

Face Framing Layers 

If you are an owner of naturally straight hair, this haircut could very well suit you. Ask your stylist to add some face framing layers to your hair. Make sure the layers are not too long and short but ensure adding a few choppy ends to get the desired bounce and edge.

Face Framing Layers

You may easily wear this haircut with a middle part or even deep side part. Try going in for highlights to make your haircut stand out. Accessorize using beady side clips and bow clips.

Graduated Wavy Bob 

If you have naturally wavy hair, a graduated wavy bob may just be for you. You may sport this haircut even with your shoulder-length hair. You just need to make sure that your stylist gives you long layers that begin right past your chin. It must be graduated so that layers are shorter behind and longer towards the front.

Graduated Wavy Bob

Ask your stylist to use a razor and soften up the ends to give a less heavy and lesser blunt look. The secret to this style lies in the way you blow dry it. You just need some scrunching before you use your blow dryer. Also, never dry your hair completely and that is exactly how you would get this wavy graduated bob.

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Sleek And Straight 

Your naturally straight hair could be spiced up a little more with this haircut. You just need few layers thrown in and a deep mid-part. You can also opt and go for one-length hair and simply add few layers on the front. The unique feature of this haircut for shoulder length hair is that it can look equally good when air dried too.

sleek and straight

Air drying it might make it look a little limp though, so you are advised to blow dry your hair if you are looking for some volume. You may also decide to add a thick and heavy bang to this haircut. The best accessory for this haircut would be a crystal hairband or side clips.