Awesome Beauty Tips For Teenagers

beauty tips for teenagersTeenage can be called as the ‘threshold’ from childhood to youth, it is the most pleasant and cheerful stage of life as they discover many new aspects of life due to certain physical and mental changes. Teenage is the time when you look flawlessly beautiful even without applying any kind of make-up. But Study, relationships, partying, friends etc.

keeps them so busy that they neglect proper skin or hair care and which usually results in acne or pimples, blackheads, dandruff etc. These things often leave ugly marks on your flawless skin or cause hair damage and make you socially awkward. However, you can get rid of all these annoying problems if you take a little ‘extra care’ about yourself.

This will definitely help you to rock everywhere from prom to friend’s party or college fest and boys won’t be tired of complementing you. So to become the queen of hearts just check out the beauty secrets below which we are revealing in this article exclusively for you.

Beauty Tips For Teenagers

Drink Water

One of the most essential skin care regime for teenagers would be drinking plenty of water. Drinking enough water helps in removing harmful toxins as well as in proper functioning of the body.

drinking water

While on the other hand adequate water cuts off the extra oil from skin pores and thus prevent breakouts, while by adequate hydration your skin becomes soft and reflects the younger looking glow from inside.

Go For Fruits And Veggies

Many teens will dislike it but eating good amount of green vegetables and fruits promote healthy skin and hair by providing right nourishment.

vegetables and fruits

As green veggies and fruits as spinach, broccoli, apples, oranges, berries, grapes etc. preserves high level of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals they work magically from inside to provide you the desired skin and hair.

Skin Care

To get a healthy and problem-free skin, first step is to clean your face at least twice a day to eliminate the excess oil, dirts and dead skin cells from your skin, you can use a mild face wash for this. Next important step is moisturizing, not only dry skin but oily skin too require essential moisture to get a soft and radiant skin.

face washing

As too much dryness can bring premature wrinkles so you must need to apply moisturizer to your skin. For oily skin you may opt for oil free moisturizer. On weekly basis you should also exfoliate your skin to remove the dust, excess oil and dead cells from your skin-pores which often leads to pimple or blackheads.

Hair Care

It is better to keep short hair for teenagers as it is not only easier to manage but also your facial features get more attention. You should shampoo your hair too often to keep your scalp clean as dead cells, oil, chemicals often blocks the hair follicles and causes different hair problems.

shampooing hair

Don’t forget to condition your hair after shampoo, as it softens your hair and locks the essential moisture. You should try to keep off hair dyes or blow dryer and straightner etc. as much as possible as they remove the natural oil from the scalp and make the hair dry, rough and frizzy.

Choose Beauty Products Carefully

You should always choose make up and beauty products from standard company to avoid side effects and it is also important to choose products according to your skin-type otherwise rashes, skin irritation, eruption often attacks your skin and works negatively.

Few More Tips

• Swap deodorants for perfume as deodorants often cause acidic effects on skin
• Don’t forget to clean your make up before going to bed to prevent break outs.
• Avoid too much of oily or junk foods.