Awesome Ways To Do Designer Eye Makeup

designer eye makeup

designer eye makeupSo you are interested to become the center of attraction this summer with hot and trendy eye makeup? Well, there are many good and catchy styles to design the normal eyes into stunning ones, but the most important thing to remember during this deal is right application of eye makeup products as well as securing the makeup in really an interesting way. Here are four awesome ways to get astonishing eyes within five minutes.

Ways To Do Designer Eye Makeup

Sensual Orange Eye Makeup

Make a base by applying foundation and compact powder over the surface of eyes, and then apply some golden shimmer powder throughout the facial surface. To make the eyes, apply orange eye shadow first.

orange eye makeup

Smudge this shade well with golden yellow towards the upside and brown towards below. Then apply eye gloss over the surface. Apply black eye liner, curl the eye lashes and apply mascara. Apply glitter over it for catchy party makeup.

Rainbow Monsoon Eyes

Nothing can go better in the wet season than the catchy rainbow over eyes. The most important fact to be kept in mind here is keeping the lip shade nude so that the eye makeup can be highlighted. For eye makeup in rainbow shade, apply base makeup on face and prepare eyes to bear eye shadow. Then apply green eye shadow just below the eye brows and spread it well horizontally.

Then apply the layer of yellow just below the green and mix it towards the downside with orange shade. Then apply pink shade below the last layer and mix it well. At last, apply blue layer just above the eye lines and balance it with the above layer. Line your eyes with black eye liner and apply mascara on eye lids. Application of glitter will give you the real hot look in rainy season.

Purple Magic Eyes

Making up eyes with purple will really catch hearts of many other eyes. This eye makeup is completely suitable for college girls. To impart your eyes damn purple magic look, you need nothing but smudging up three beautiful shades in a witty manner over eyes. So, first of all design your eyes with purple color eye shadow at middle.

purple magic eyes

Apply some light blue shade below eye brows and mix it well towards the purple shade. At the below side means above the eye lines, apply magenta shade and smudge it up side with purple carefully. A little silver touch will make your eyelids far catchy.

Spring Beauty Eyes

Decorating eyes with spring beauty during spring season will really make you lovable among friends. Apply purple eye shadow on eyes first. Then socket this shade with orange color eye shadow.

Smudge the preparation with blue at the above side and make it attractive with brown at lower portion. Apply eye gloss. Impart final touch to the eyes with black eye liner and mascara. Your eyes are prepared for the spring get together now.

For all the above eye makeup tips, never forget to prepare your eyes with compact powder before the application of eye shadow. This will help secure shades for longer period.