Baby’s Funny Hairstyles

Out of all the different joys and happiness of bringing up a child, the best of the lot would be dressing them up. From the adorable clothes that are now available and in trend, every baby is destined to look the cutest! Along with a baby’s wardrobe, another factor that can bring about a lot of joy and fun is creating and personalizing a baby’s hairstyle.

Baby’s funny hairstyles can be of different types, from pigtails to tiny pony tails, to a little fountain on the top of his or her head. Having the perfect little hairstyle for your baby not only catches the eyes of others but would also bring a smile to your face.  Baby books and your baby’s first photo album could be filled with pictures of different funny hairstyles and this is something you could cherish for the rest of your life.

Types of Funny Hairstyles for Babies

Below are brief descriptions of the kinds of styles one can use to make their little toddler look his best and cutest.

The Famous Mohawk

This is considered as one of the funniest and most adorable baby hairstyles.  For this kind of a style, the length of a baby’s hair must be at least 1 inch long.  Longer hair can also be styled into a Mohawk. But it doesn’t stay that way for very long considering that baby’s have silky and soft hair and would only stay in place when wet.

mohawk hair

This kind of hairstyle can be made by using a baby brush to comb the baby’s hair up in the middle.  You can also use your hands to push his or her hair up from the front of the head right to the back. Only water should be used to style a baby’s hair. No products should be used as it could be harmful for your baby.

A Small Puff

This style can be used on baby’s who have a tiny tuft in the front of his or her head.  You can use a comb or your fingers to fluff up the hair giving it a little bounce.

puffy hair style

Curls can also be added to make it look even cuter, by using water to dampen the hair and curling it around your fingers. After it’s completely dry, a brush can be used to gently fluff the hair.

Tiny Spiked Spikes

Many babies have less than 1 inch of hair on their heads. This is the perfect hairstyle for such kind of babies but can also be styled on babies with slightly longer hair as well.


After a bath or when the hair is a big damp, all you need to do is brush the hair backwards causing it to stand upright from the front of the head right to the back. If the hair doesn’t stay up, you can use your fingers to push it upwards. After drying, this hairstyle would look the cutest.

Big Pouf

This style suits the most when the baby’s head is full of hair. When the hair is slightly wet, twirl the hairs with a pencil or fingers so that the hair is dried with natural air.


And after it is dried, the twirling is left oven by removing the pencil or the fingers. This gives a superb style of funny big pouf.

These are just a few of the different kinds of Baby’s funny hairstyles that can be used for your little one. Make sure to only use water and no hair care or styling product other than baby products. So the next time you’re taking your baby out, use one of these funny hairstyles and watch the reactions you get!