Backache Problem in Women

Backache is not something to be brushed beneath the carpet. A minor pain in the back region (upper or lower) must be healed as soon as possible before the need of surgery arises. Here are a few tips to prevent and heal backache at home.

Bend your Knees while Picking up Weight

Even though women are not weaker than men, they must remember that they have a different body structure than men. Women must always bend their knees before picking up any weight such as carrying a large stool or moving large boxes from one room to another.

If you are carrying handbags after shopping then try holding them in front of you, with the packages a little pressed against your chest. Keep breathing as you walk with the weight. Try not to hold a lot of weight in just one hand.

Use of Right Footwear

Those women who use public transportation or those who walk around often need to wear proper footwear. They must avoid wearing heels, especially if they are overweight. Heels make you bend a little forward as your walk. This position is wrong for the spine as well as for the ankles.

The footwear should be such that it absorbs any shock the feet may encounter while walking. It should not be very hard. Wrong footwear is the most common cause of lower backache.

Right Posture

Working on computer contributes in making the back feel stiff. Kitchen work too requires constant bending and standing. No matter where you are, at home or at work, women must always maintain a good posture. Your chest should be out; shoulders straight and back should feel inwards.

Exercise Before going to Sleep

Sit and bring your hands behind your back. Clasp them together and stretch outwards. Bring them in front again. Now, raise your arms up and keep them straight. Clasp your hands again and stretch your body upwards.

Sleeping Position and Mattress

If you are having back ache then try to sleep without a pillow. This will allow your spine to remain in its natural position and heal while you sleep.

The mattress should not make your body sink into the bed. Rather, it should be a little firm and keep your spine straight.