Bare Essentials – The Pure Mineral Compound Makeup

bare-essentialsBare Essentials is a pure mineral compound makeup that is compiled out of micro fine powder, which is claimed to provide you with a flawless look with a smooth and even skin tone.

It takes care of sensitive skin while accentuating the natural glow. Bare Essentials is made of 100% natural ingredients with no chemicals such as talc, perfumes, and preservatives added.

All of this is to avoid pores clogging, keeping your skin healthy, even when you keep it on overnight. It also contains sun blocking agents to protect you from UV rays. Bare Essentials helps reduce aging signs, and is an ally to acne, rosancea, and scarred skin.

One of the greatest benefits of Bare Essentials is that it offers longer shelf life than other brands, which ensures that you will have enough time to use you product in full before the expiry date arrives as opposed to throwing out a half full cosmetic container.

Zinc Oxide, titanium oxide, and mica are the three main ingredients in this product. Zinc oxide is the product responsible for protection against the harmful rays of the sun and also brings sun protection to the table. Titanium dioxide is absorption resistant and shields your skin from pollution and the sun. Mica is the ingredient that gives your skin that smooth appearance and natural glow.

This product claims that skin’s texture and overall condition will be improved only after a few weeks of use! Bare Essentials holds the recommendation of The Skin Cancer Foundation due to the sun protecting ingredients in the formula.

To maximize the potential of your makeup, Bare Essentials provides a wide range of makeup utensils such as specially designed brushes that enable minerals in the makeup to blend into skin with no effort!

Swirling the brush into the powder and tapping off the excess is the recommended technique of Bare Essentials for mineral powder application: you will have a minimum waste of the product and a maximum coverage. To produce a “Sun Kissed” look, use blush and add natural warmth to your makeup.