Bare Mineral Makeup

bare-mineral-makeupWith the new proliferation of mineral makeup solutions, it is sometimes hard to tell the real thing from the imposters.  Some of the imitation products contain simple ingredients such as cornstarch or talcum powder.

Here are a few tips for discerning the real from the fake.

A Lot or a Little

If you notice that you use a significant amount of the makeup on every application, you are more than likely using an imitation brand.  Genuine mineral makeup contains genuine natural minerals ground very finely which allows it cover your skin in a thin but concealing layer of makeup.

The imitation brands reduce their mineral count by adding other chemicals and powders; thus reducing the effectiveness of the makeup and causing the buyer to have to use more.

Skin Becomes Irritated

A major sign that you have been cheated is if your skin becomes irritated by the makeup. Products containing genuine natural minerals should not cause irritation of the skin. Unless you have an allergy to a specific mineral contained in the makeup, you should not experience an allergic reaction. The chemicals found in the imitation brand can cause rashes or blemishes.

Lumps VS No Lumps

Authentic mineral makeup does not clump together due to the weather or the product aging. If your mineral makeup is clumping, it is probably due to the artificial ingredients the company added.  If the makeup cakes on your face or lumps in the jar, it is probably a mineral makeup imposter.

Do not Be Too Trusting

It is hard to know which mineral makeup is genuine when standing in the store comparing products. They all boast of being the best and you usually cannot test them before buying. This is where you must trust your instincts and the professionals. If makeup artists and celebrities trust the high-end product, it must be good.

If you are purposely trying to save money and buy imitation, be weary. These beauty products very rarely stand up during comparison. Plus, by the time you use more of the product on one application and have to reapply during the day, the fake may cost you more money in the long run. And they do not give the same professional appearance. It is better to spend the money up front on the real thing and save yourself the headache.