8 Steps For Barrel Curls

Barrel Curls

Hair style is gaining more and more importance. Hairstyle is an important part of our outlook. A perfect hair style is the one which suits our face. A round shaped face looks nice with short hair. But if they like long hair, curls surrounding the face look nice. Curly hair style is the best option for the squared face women. Curls suit most faces.

When we go to a party or there is a special occasion the first thing that comes to our mind is what we should wear, what kind of make-up should we do and how we should present ourselves to look unique. Everything goes in vain if our hair style doesn’t go well with the dress, make-up and the occasion.

Curls are the best option. Curls look nice in open as well as tied hair. Some people think that curls can be possible on long hair only. But it’s not true. Curls, if done well, look great on short hair also.

Curls are of different kinds. Spiral curls, corkscrew curls and barrel curls are the most common curls. Among these curls, barrel curls are found more in fashion for today’s trend. They create soft set. This hair style is best for parties and family picnics. Even for professionals this is a good option for official parties and meetings.

Let’s have a quick look at the simplest way of doing barrel curls.

Things required are a few clips, a styling comb and hair lotion to set the hair and a hood dryer. Usage of hood dryer can be avoided by drying the hair naturally.

Follow the below steps:

a) Shampoo your hair.

Shampoo your hair

b) Now apply the setting lotion.

Now apply the setting lotion

c) Comb your hair from roots towards the end.

Comb your hair

d) Take small locks of hair and smooth them upwards.

Take small locks of hair

e) Loop your hair into large curl and clip them in place.

Loop your hair into large curl

f) Curl the rest of your hair in the same manner.

Curl the rest of your hair

g) Use a hood dryer to dry them and remove all the clips. Your barrel curls are ready.

Use a hood dryer

h) Brush your hair to give a smooth finish.

Brush your hair