Basics For Western Wear For Women

Basics For Western Wear For Women

Basics For Western Wear For WomenOnce you have the knowledge about the basics of western wear, you can easily plan your wardrobe accordingly. In earlier times, the western wear totally depended upon the social stature of the woman. Corsets and long dresses really used to be in trend. Today, fashion is all about comfort and one that helps you create your own style statement. Your personality will totally depend upon the kind of dressing you opt for.

Here, western wear plays an imperial role. Be it the casual wear or evening ones, formal or those work place clothes, you should really have a hang of the basics of western wear. Here is a simple guide to enhance your horizons about western wear for women to get that ultimate chic look.

Basics For Western Wear For Women 

Since western wear is totally influenced by the 90’s era American culture, here are the ideas that you should keep in mind.

The Cowboy Image

Cowboy hats, cowboy boots and the entire cowboy look come within the western range for men as well as women. The look is a part of the lifestyle from the 1800’s and is still considered as one of theimportant basics of western wear.

Not only is it considered simple and smart but also evergreen. For a complete cowboy appearance a plain shirt, cowboy hats, boots, sunglasses and denim fabric pants will work real wonders. The hat is made of leather and the belt will complete the look especially the one with a gun holster.

Suit the Occasion

Another important factor to be considered for women western wear is the occasion you are looking forward to. The event will decide the kind of western wear you should choose.

Basics For Western Wear For Women

For a formal event it is always recommended to select long length tops, shirts and well fitted pants. Check and striped shirts are highly applicable here in comparison to tank tops and revealing western wear that are a complete no. again, tight fitting tops are only considered best when worn for night outs and clubbing.

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Consider your Height

Where western wear is concerned, height plays an imperial role. Proportion is something that should be maintained for that beautiful and chic look. For example women with short height should completely avoid short dresses. For such people long fish cut skirts are apt.

The Denim

Denims are the way to go in all sorts of accession and for all body types. Nothing will give you a moreflawless look than denims when we talk about western style of clothing. Also, one of the major advantages of denims is that it never goes out of fashion!

Color Comparison with Occasion

Do not forget to choose the color according to the event that you have to attend. To explain, let’s say black is the perfect color for evening wear, parties and clubbing. On the other hand vibrant and bright colors like yellow, pink, red and more are suited for day and casual wear.

For work you can select from colors like beige and white. Follow these simple and uncomplicated instructions for western wear and see how well it brings out the diva within you!