Be A Natural Beauty

Looking natural with all that make up on is like an award winning thing and nothing compares to a natural look than a plastic look that reflect all that make up on your face.

Being natural is also loved by all and makes you look extra ordinary and you throw a different type of impression on others.

To look natural does not mean that you do not have to do make up as no make up can make you look real dull but natural means that your make up has to be done in such a way that no one gets to know that you have applied cosmetics on your body.

So here are some ways to look naturally beautiful for women of all type of skin tone.

Whether you have light, medium or dark skin tone, the first thing that you need to follow is applying a foundation and concealer that matches your skin color, Spread it evenly on all across the face and neck and then dust your face with a translucent powder. But do not over do your face with any of these.

For light skin tone people, it is advised that you apply blush in delicate pink shades or if you are not in a mood to choose from different shades then a candy-floss pink is the best for light skin tone. For medium skin tone, go for apricot blush, as this would give a natural color to your cheeks. If you have dark skin tone, you can go for orange blush on your cheeks.

Moving on to the eyes, for light skin women a brown color mascara and eye shadow in the shades of beige-cream, baby pinks are the best. These are sure to suit your complexion and looks.

Medium skin tone people shall go for black-brown mascara and for eye shadow they can go for caramel colors and old rose look. This would make you look very natural and also provide you an extra glow on your face. And black mascara and earthy hues shades are recommended for dark complexion people.

For lip shades, it is advised that you go for any natural color or something that matches your attire and see how many compliments you receive.