Beautiful From Within

Each face has its own meaning.  Imitation is not as good as the real thing, it is always an imitation. To feel beautiful from outside it is important for every woman to feel beautiful from within. An inward feeling of beauty makes a woman look attractive to others.

Many women after they have settled down in their marriage ignore themselves.  This also hampers there self confidence and then they start to look dull and boring.  Being excited towards the world and indulging in your hobbies is the most convenient and enjoyable way to do new things and keep yourself occupied.

Good health is the most important factor for a good looking physical appearance.  If you do not have a healthy life, try and improve your quality of life.  Do whatever it takes to be healthy.  A very famous proverb says “He who has health has hope; and he who has hope has everything.”

Eating right is essential for good looks.  What do you mean by right food or eating right? Right food habits are the ones which help us not only maintain our health but also help us to remain in shape and look good.

High protein intake is essential to maintain a healthy body and gorgeous looks because large part of our body is made up of protein.  Adding up vitamins into your regular diet is also very essential and helpful.  Remember that a vitamin pill cannot be as effective as the natural vitamins in fruits and veggies.

Other factors responsible for looking good along with feeling beautiful from within are good skin and a suitable hairstyle and some essential makeup (many people prefer to remain makeup free but there is no harm in applying very little foundation with some sunscreen).

Another factor that determines your beauty is your well groomed looks. If you are unkempt and do not smell good, then all the other factors go in vein.  Therefore, it is important that you dress for the occasion but most importantly “dress for yourself.”  It means that you wear what you feel comfortable and beautiful in and not what you saw someone else wearing.

To conclude, “Beauty should come from within.  It can only be polished from outside.  So feel beautiful to be beautiful.”

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