Beautiful Layered Bob Hairstyles for the Best Looks in Women

Different sort of layered bob hairstyles are preferable for women with different facial structure, skin tone, prominence of cheekbone and many others.

There are also women who possess short thickened hair and mostly they are at a loss at what to do with it. Women with this type of hair usually want it to be trimmed shorter. It is for these women that bob style is preferred.

Layered Bob Hairstyles For Women

The Wavy Layer Type

In this particular style, the hair is designed in such a manner that it actually gets rid of the unnecessary weight concentration in one area. This further helps it to curl magnificently. It is always best to start with moistened hair when going for this style.

Wavy Look

A smoothing product needs to be applied to the area with fringes. Furthermore, a curl enhancer must be used in the remaining regions. The fringe area must be smoothened completely with a dryer. This hairstyle is basically suited for women with longer facial structures.

The Disconnected Convex Type

In this hairstyle, the front portion of the hair is carefully disconnected or separated. The entire length of all the hair strands is the same, therefore allowing to be beautifully stylized. The hair must be properly smoothened and carefully blow dried.

disconnected convex look

Then it must be polished with a flat iron. A product of the texture type must be applied for better detailing. Also, a swift hairspray for better setting is required.People with long facial structures and a thick dense hair pattern will look good with this style.

The Triangular Lob Pattern

In this particular style, the hair will come out longer in length at the front. This actually ends up making the hair fall on the face in beautiful strands. It is therefore quite suitable for a wide variety of facial structures and patterns. For this style, a smoothening product must be carefully applied on top of wet hair.

The Triangular Lob Pattern

A side portion of the hair must also be created. A well designed styling brush must be used to blow the hair dry. A good hairspray will further ensure that the hairstyle holds and sets in. it will also make the hair flexible in nature. For this type of a hairstyle, women with a square and round facial structure is usually preferred.

The Skinny Hairstyle

A good stylish texture is highly accentuated with a short cropped hair with this particular hairstyle. It removes weight making the hair freer. Applying a smoothening product, creating a side part with depth and blowing the hair dry are the steps to follow.

The Skinny Hairstyle

Flat Iron should be used to further smooth it. A shine serum must be applied to the hair later. Sides of the hair styled straight will make the face look narrower and thereby best for wider shaped faces.

The Steady Layer Style

This style removes a lot of weight and makes the hair balance wonderfully. A smoothing product must be applied to the hair as always and again a side part must be created.

The Steady Layer Style

It must be made sure that the side part is deep in nature. A styling brush will blow it straight in no time at all. A flexible holding hairspray will further bring out the style. This particular hairstyle is suited for all face shapes and structures.

The layered bob hairstyles are really exquisite and also never out of fashion. In short, women with thick and strong hair usually look great with a layered bob haircut. Thick hair usually finds it difficult to move. Hence, a layered bob cut actually allows the hair to be wavy and much freer. Using these hairstyles as per the shape of your face makes you look not only better but also comfortable with your hair.