5 Beauty Mistakes That Make Women Look Old

5 Beauty Mistakes That Make Women Look Old

Apart from the significant role played by style in the lives of women,beauty is another broad category that you need to look into for a flawless and eye-catching personality. There are a lot of features that affect the overall beauty of a woman,skin and hair being two of the top most ones. However, with changing times and increasing age, it becomes very difficult to maintain the beauty you previously had.

On top of all these conditions, there are women who make some big beauty mistakes that make them look older. The aim for beauty regimen is to make you look attractive and youthful.This guide below lists down the most prevalent beauty mistakes made by women all around the globe that make them look more than their age. Please avoid them in the future as much as possible:-

Beauty Mistakes That Makes Ladies Look Old

Wearing Lots Of Foundation

One of the common mistakes that women tend to make is wearing lots of foundation.Yes, it is important to provide good coverage to the skin and even the skin tone. Also, it is important to hide those age spots and dark spots on the skin with foundation that suits your skin.

lot of foundation

Heavy foundation will create an artificial look on the face and add up almost a decade to your look. A sheer foundation will work wonders for the skin.

Wrong Application Of Powder

On one hand, the major benefit of powder is to provide a matte finish to the skin and hide the shine on the nose and the T zone because of oil secretion. On the other hand, if you misapply powder and use it around the eyes, it can make the fine lines and wrinkles stand out.

wrong powder

Along with this, it makes them appear dry as well. Do not use loose powder in this region and use a paper instead to remove the oil.

Picking Up The Wrong Hairstyle

Among the mistakes that women make in beauty, choosing the wrong hairstyle is quite a frequent one. It can either enhance the beauty to a great extent or else change the personality to give a negative effect.Long and flat hairstyles are not suitable for women who want to look young.

wrong hair style

Taking Stress

A big mistake that totally deserves to be in this list is regular stress. This can have great effects on the beauty and make you look much older than your actual age.


It also results in ageing signs at a much earlier stage of life. No make up or beauty tips can help you hide the stress on the face. It can cause serious damage to the skin health as well.

Ignoring The Importance Of Sunscreen

There are innumerable women around the globe who does not take the usage of sunscreen with a good SPF seriously. Most of them choose to ignore it or skip it quite often.


Sun block moisturizers will prevent the skin from permanent damage from the UV rays of the sun. This helps the skin to stay away from dark spots and wrinkles.Damage will only make you look older than your actual age.