Beauty Regimen Before Wedding

pre wedding beauty tipsEvery woman wants to look her very best before the most important day in her life, being her wedding. For this she purchases the best of clothes and jewelry and also hires someone to do her make up to make her look unique and elegant. What she desires is absolutely flawless beauty which sets her apart from the crowd. 

It is this very day when she wants to be at her best for the man she loves. If you are wondering what kind of a beauty regime to follow before your big day, we can help you with the perfect beauty regimen in very simple ways.

Best Beauty Tips Before Wedding

Water And More Water

Beauty is not only about getting makeup done as nothing can be better than natural beauty which comes from within. In order to do so, you should start drinking lots of water at least 1 to 2 months before your wedding so that all the accumulated toxins and dirt get flushed out from the body and the skin starts looking extremely healthy and hydrated.


It will also help your skin to become one tone lighter as the dead skin cells will be done away with. You can also consume the juices of fresh and healthy fruits like that of orange, watermelon, pomegranate, apple and pineapple to make yourself look even more beautiful. 

Sleep Well

When it comes to owning a beauty regimen before your big day, getting a good amount of sleep every night and keeping away from stress plays a very vital role in it.


This ensures that your skin glows as you feel bright and non dark circles form under your eyes. It also calms down the mind and when you are relaxed and stress-free, you automatically start looking beautiful and your skin glows! 

Eat Healthy And Nutritious Food

The kind of body that you own also makes a lot of impact on your overall beauty and you can enhance your physical appearance by shedding those extra kilos and getting a slim and fit body on your wedding day.


You can do so by avoiding junk foods and high calorie food items and consume healthy fruits, fresh vegetables and sprouts regularly. This will also help your hair and skin to glow and give way to a new you! 

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Every Day Care

Keeping your skin smooth, soft and shiny is extremely important for a bride-to-be. This is the reason why she should start caring for skin with a simple every day care routine which does not take a lot of time and gives the best results possible.


This can be achieved by cleaning the skin with a good cleanser, exfoliating it with an effective scrub and when done in the shower, moisturizing the skin with a good cream or lotion to keep it well hydrated. By doing this you are sure to look your beautiful best on your big day. 

Hair Care

Along with all these, your hair is one such body part which can truly enhance your looks and make you look super special on your big day. Get a proper haircut done 2 weeks before your wedding day and also oil it from time to time, 2 months before the wedding to make it long and full of strength.

oiling hair

Use almond or coconut oil for best results. You can also use eggs, beer, yogurt or crushed hibiscus flowers as a hair mask to make your hair very soft and silky on your wedding day.