Beauty Tips and Tricks For Redheads

Redheads usually have fair skin, the alluring effects of which can be enhanced with a few cosmetic tricks. One of the first things you should do is to make sure that sunlight does not change your hair color.

Keep out of the sun if possible and you should also use a hair mist with a high SPF. At home, you can use special shampoos to replenish the color in your hair.

Makeup for Redheads

Skin-care is another area where redheads will have special needs. A neutral foundation is ideal for redheads and this will enable them to use any shade of lipstick or eye shadow. The choice is vast, so you should experiment until you find the one that suits your color best. One color that looks particularly good on redheads is gold, so this would probably be the best choice. Any other color that does not downplay your natural coloring could be used. Champagne or brown eye shadow also looks good on fair-skinned redheads, so you could try one of these two colors.


Your eyebrows should be filled in using a color that is one shade darker than your hair color. If your hair is of a light red color, you should make your eyebrows auburn and the effect will look perfectly natural. Having eyebrows that are a shade darker than your hair would make an ideal frame for your face with its special skin color. You should of course experiment until you think that the color you are using is ideal.

Skin Care

Skin care is very important for redheads. Fair skin burns easily and so you should always use a protector with a high SPF. Be aware that even a short trip to the corner shop under bright sunshine can result in damage to your hair or skin. This can cause premature aging, wrinkles, peeling and even skin cancer in some cases, so you should always be aware of the sun, if you are a redhead.

There are cosmetics specially formulated for delicate skins with an SPF that is high enough to provide adequate protection. You should use these cosmetics because they could both enhance your beauty and also provide a certain degree of protection against the harsh sunlight.

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