5 Beauty Tips For Girls

5 Beauty Tips For Girls

Few individuals are beautiful by birth and some have to make them selves beautiful.The college girls want to look pretty, sexy and are always ready to try something which can help vitalizing their skin.An individual goes through various phases of life and lot of things affect the skin in the daily life but for girls their good skin is a sign of an enduring and appealing personality.

Nowadays in daily life too much of stress and worry and the irregular eating habits cause premature aging to the skin.Every lady wants to look best and there are different types of skin a person can have and they should be dealt with accordingly. There are various tips a girl can follow to look glamorous and beautiful and prevent their skin from premature aging.They are:

Best Beauty Tips For Girls

The Effect Of Ginger And Honey

The ginger and honey when blended and stirred together should be applied as a paste.The  recommended paste should be applied each day before a brush and a shower.The paste should be applied on the face as this helps from the prevention of wrinkles and gives a glow to the face.


The Benefits Of Vaseline

Vaseline is the most commonly used petroleum jelly among people of all ages.Vaseline plays many roles such as helps in removal of chapped lips since it acts as a chapstick it helps in minimizing the effect of a dry skin acts as a heel repair cream and whereas in emergencies even helps in acting as a makeup remover.


By an application of vaseline each day every night a girl attains a beautiful skin.

The Magic Of Perfumes

Perfumes and their fragrance play a major role for the teenagers since a bad odor can make the loved ones turn away and even gives a bad impression.The perfumes should be mainly applied on the wrists and behind the ears.


The application of perfume on the wrists helps in giving a good impression since while a meet or a get together shaking of hands is a common gesture. Behind the ears it creates a romantic scenario since when there is a sensual moment it helps in deriving the delicious fragrance.

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Water The Exfoliating Agent

The consumption of water should be in abundance in daily routine since this is the best tip. The other tips are of no use if this is not followed.

water 2

Around eight liters of water or fifteen glasses of water should be taken in daily since it helps in cleansing the system from inside and acts as an exfoliating agent. This makes the skin look healthy, hydrated, gets a glow to the skin and provides a pimple free skin.

The Effect Of Baby Powder And Blushon

To keep away from oily hair shampoos are the best but sometimes in emergency cases powder and bronzer plays the role. The hair should be properly oiled and washed before any party since it gives a good and an appealing look.


Playing with the hair is also being very creative and if the girl is a brunette, bronzer should be carried and if a blonde the baby powder does its effect. The application of such can help in disguising the oily hair.