Beauty Tips For Ninth Grade Girls

Beauty Tips For Ninth Grade Girls

Beauty Tips For Ninth Grade Girls When in the ninth grade, girls approach their early teenage and hence become cautious about their appearance. Moreover, this is the age when a lot of the hormonal changes occur in the young body such as pimples, acne, and hair fall.

Here are some very simple beauty tips for ninth grade girls, which will help them to wear a flawless skin and possess an overall healthy appearance.

Care For Healthy Skin

Ninth graders should follow a healthy skin routine on a daily basis. Since at this stage the skin remains prone to acne and pimples, make sure that the face is washed at least twice in a day. Use mild soaps or cleansers; it is advisable to use home remedies like lemon juice, cream etc. for cleaning the facial skin. Pat the face dry with a soft towel and then apply a moisturizer on the skin.

Use a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 at least twenty minutes before you go out. This helps to protect the skin from sun damage. Finally, if you apply makeup, then make sure that you wash your makeup before going to bed.

Hair Care For Ninth Graders

After skin, hair is the next important feature that teenagers in the ninth grade are very conscious about. To keep hair healthy, wash it regularly but abstain from over washing as this may damage the hair. One another major contributor for dry and split hairs is the overuse of dryers. Allow the hair to dry naturally and then apply a moose to keep it free from tangles.

Home based natural conditioners like honey and lemon juice can be used on a regular basis to retain the hair moisture naturally.

Healthy Physique

A healthy body forms the basis of a glowing skin and attractive personality. Most of the ninth graders are seen worrying too much about their weight. Avoid being obsessed with your weight. Eat healthy and nutritious food and exercise for remaining healthy.

Being in the ninth grade requires you to be energetic so that you are able to concentrate on your studies and other physical activities. Do not starve your body. Three regular meals are a must. Stop unhealthy snacking and remain involved in light to medium physical exercises. Finally, a daily dose of at least eight hours of sleep will help in enhancing the body metabolism and will keep you healthy and fit.

Makeup Tips for Ninth Graders

Teenagers have very sensitive skin and therefore they should abstain from using heavy makeup. Light lip glosses instead of lipsticks and accentuating the eyes should finish your make up regime. Too much makeup actually makes teenagers look older than their age.

Dressing tips for Ninth Graders

Teenagers at this stage get greatly influenced by how mature women dress themselves. In a bid to look attractive, they sometimes adopt styles that send the wrong signals. Prioritize on what you feel comfortable in. Wear dresses that suit you rather than dressing up to follow the trends.

These simple beauty tips for ninth grade girls will help them to feel healthy from within. This is very essential for an attractive appearance.

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