Beauty Tips for Teenager

If you are a youngster, then you must have a lot of pressure to look good and maintain yourself from the media and the attractive faces all around you to keep your self confidence high.

So if you are a teenage girl, here are some important tips which will help you look attractive.

Skin Care Tips:

Being a youngster, you need to care for your skin differently than an adult lady. You must start taking care of your skin from the age of teen as it is the age when there are some hormonal changes which can cause blemishes on your skin. Be careful while using the products on your skin and choose the right and quality products.


Being a teen, you must avoid using high intensity creams to moisturize your skin. Always use mild and light moisturizers and use them only one time before you go to sleep.

Acne Treatment:

Teenagers are likely to get acne more easily because of the hormonal and structural changes in the body. So avoid getting acne by being hygienic. If you still get acne, then treat it immediately before it leaves scars on your skin for lifetime.

Makeup Tips:

For teen girls the best make up tip is to use the make up to look natural and do not try to over apply the makeup. So apply the products which enhance your natural beauty. You can go to school with light make up without highlighting all the features.

For the functions you can apply some highlighted make up but blend the make up well to look beautiful.

Here are some make up tips for you:

Use of foundation is not required for a teen; just use some good concealer for the pimples.

Freckles do not need to be hidden as they are just a result of sun exposure on your skin and if you use some good sun block, they will disappear with time.

Being a young girl, eye make up is not required but after some age you can apply it with an initial start of using a light make up. Brown shade of mascara is better for you and you can use black-brown as well.

Try to use water proof type of mascara if you are going for some activity in hot weather.

Prefer using linear in pencil while avoiding the liquid one.


You can use any good lip gloss and some sheer shade of lipstick for the night functions.

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