Beauty Tips for Winters

Beauty Tips for Winters

Beauty Tips for WintersSkin tends to get dry and itchy during the winter season because of the rough climate but we can bring back the original glow of our skin by following these tips:

Protection of skin from the sun is very important. Similarly the wind in winter is also bad for the skin but you cannot control these natural climates. What you can do is to avoid such climate changes and their influence on your skin as much as you can. Use some good sun screen as you use it during the hot weather and if you are living at a place which is at higher altitude the strong sun screen must be used. Avoid any sun screen product with chemical contents and always prefer using those products  that contain herbal elements.

In winter because of the rough and dry weather the skin lacks moisture and it is important to moisturize the skin regularly to avoid dryness and other skin related problems. Use the products in intensity according to climate conditions as if the light cream does not work then you can go for some heavy cream but make sure never to compromise on quality of the product.
If you apply the mud mask on your skin then make sure that during the cold weather your mask must contain a good amount of moisturizer to avoid the skin dryness.

Use of un-natural heat sources like furnace or heaters are the other reasons for dry skin as they help to absorb the moisture from the air and results into the addition of dryness in the already dried air. So the use of humidifiers is recommended to avoid the moisture absorption. This technique also helps to put back the needed moisture in the air.

Winter clothes are also very important for the skin care management. As during winter we try to cover our self as much as we can and it results in to over dressing and when you go in or out of the places where temperature is already controlled then it results in to sweating and loss of moisture from the body and it results in to the dryness. So avoid using the fabric material like wool and leather which doe not allow skin to breathe and it can result into the accumulation of bacteria on the damp body places.