Beauty Tips For Women With Long Faces

long faces womenFaces are of various moulds and sizes but usually they are of three classes which are spherical, epileptical and long. Ladies with long faces have a usually a wider and a longer look than usual faces and they usually seem to know it.

If they wear straight hair their looks might give an effect of a face having eyes very close by and being very uncommon than the usual round and oval faces it might need some tapering and time to know how to deal with such faces. The long face may be characterized with a robust jaw, extensive cheekbone, a big forehead etc. There are various ways of handling the long face and make it look as appealing as it can. They are:

Beauty Tips For Long Faces Women

The Style of Haircut

There are various types of hairstyles but one should adopt the hairstyle which suits her best and make her look as sexy as possible. If a lady wears straight hair it can be further styled with a good amount of fringes. The fringes help in making the hair look smaller since they cover the forehead completely. One with a long face can wear blunt fringes from the front or side making the face look chubbier.

bob haircut for long faces

Bob or short haircuts helps in giving the face a widen look and long hair should be avoided since it makes the face look dragging. If a lady wants to carry long hair she can add curls to them and layers should be abstained from since it adds volume to the hair for the women having short hair.

The Magic of Makeup

The main objective of doing makeup is to give a wider and a shorter look to the face which further gives an extensive appearance. A foundation in liquid form same as the skin color should be used entirely throughout the face and next the powder should be pressed against on a darker tone towards the chin.

cat eye makeup

Outlining with bronzer towards the jaw and hairline helps in minimizing the broadness of the forehead and the eyebrows should be highlighted outwardly. A cat eye makeup should be adopted to highlight the features.

The Effect of Sunglasses

When we buy sunglasses the shape of a face should be kept in mind and the thumb rule is that the shape of the frame should be just the opposite to the shape of the face.

Effect of Sunglasses

For women with long faces frames of a rectangular shape work the best since it adds width and helps in balancing the length of the face. Frames having low bridge are recommendatory since it helps in shortening the length of the nose.

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The Style of Clothing to be Adopted

The clothing must complement the shape of body the lady has. The clothing might not affect but the accessories like hats, neck pieces etc should be matched.

hats for long faces women

The angles of face can be played around with the types of accessories to be bought. A woman with long face should avoid clothes having a design of vertical stripes and mainly adopt clothes having polka dots or round in shape. The circles and the roundness helps in giving an extensive look.