Beauty Tips: How Creams Treat Cellulite

While we can’t exactly pin-point the reason why we develop Cellulite, the fact of the matter is that Cellulite affects both women and men, regardless of age or health.

Occurring anywhere from the buttocks to the breasts, from the neck to the abdomen, Cellulite picks on people of every shape and size.

Creams do not work
You heard right; creams do not work to actually get rid of Cellulite. They don’t remove Cellulite, nor do they aid in the reduction of Cellulite. They may make the skin which is affected by Cellulite temporarily appear to be smoother, but don’t actually emulsify (melt) the fat away like many claim to do.

Magic potions
Just like the age-old charlatans, many cosmetic companies claim to provide dramatic results in reducing Cellulite. However, just like those con artists, their claims are entirely false. It doesn’t matter if they say that they have any number of ingredients which they claim will severely reduce the appearance of Cellulite. Don’t be duped into believing any of their claims, none of these ingredients will do anything to get rid of your Cellulite.

Not the caffeine, nor the AHAs, not “30 emollients” nor “40 botanical ingredients”, not the minerals and vitamins, nor aminophylline (a drug used to treat respiratory illnesses such as asthma). It doesn’t matter how expensive or inexpensive the product may be, don’t be duped into thinking that any of these treatments do anything to actually remove Cellulite from your body. They don’t.

Any cream will do
If you’re going to take the time to try to “emulsify” your Cellulite away, do your pocket book a favour and opt for inexpensive every day creams, lotions and massage oils. Massaging these into your orange-peel skin will bring increased circulation which may help in increased drainage of the lymphatic system (which rids the body of toxins).

But let’s face it; if you have it, you’re stuck with it no matter what you do. To prevent yourself from getting any more of it, think about things you might do to reduce your body fat anyhow: things like a healthy diet, taking vitamin supplements, a regular exercise regimen, adequate sleep and lots of water. That might well do more for you than any magic cream.

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