Before Saying “I Do”

Woman often believe that once the guy bows down at his knees and proposes, it is time to say “yes” and get prepared to say, “I do”.  But before you take the leap make sure that you are clear about following things in your mind.

There is Nothing that you cannot Tolerate

If there is any habit about him that makes you lose your nerves, take a moment to think over it. Have you told your guy about it? How has he responded? Has he tried to improve it or has he just ignored it completely and changed the topic?

One girl I know could not stand the way her guy used to get drunk and make a complete out of him-self in public. One thing led to another and last year she had a divorcee despite of being married for 2 years; a decision which was taken after dating for almost 3 years.

So, if there is any such adamant habit of his that you cannot bear, talk to him about it now.

One sided Compromise

Marriage would need mutual adjustment. Take a moment to analyze who has been compromising all this time to save the relationship?  It is great to be a pillar of strength to the man in your life but a marriage cannot be built on cemetery of your ambitions and dreams.

Encouragement and support needs to be mutual. Sooner or later you will feel that you have lost your individuality, feeling a dire need to be free.

You are going to live with this man for the rest of your life. Make sure that at least he is admires and supports your desires.

Only your Shoulder bears Responsibility

Have you been the only one responsible in maintaining the relationship? How much has he invested to make this relation what it is right now? If you are the only one who is always in charge for making any decision for you two, think again.

Any Doubt

Do not let the size of the ring, his romantic accent or the preparation that he has made to make you say yes if have any type of doubts. Listen to that voice inside you. If it says, “something doesn’t feel right”, don`t say yes.